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At first I create TEMPest cause I didn’t find anything like it. I just wanted to manage easily, with a few commands my temporary directories.
Any resemblance with other projects is not intentional.

I created it to be used by myself, I put it here to practice different stuff and allow people who want to, to use it.
Thumbs up if you like it ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

So what does it do?

With TEMPest you can “register” some paths as “targets” and then operate deletion on all of them at once.
It also offers some overview on current temporary stuff.


Yeah I do have plans. Plans for the future!!
For now, TEMPest is not fully tested on Windows, but I’d like to use it on my Windows machines too, so I’m woriking on that.

If you have suggestions, you can open an Issue. I haven’t done an Issue Template yet, so try to be “clear” about it, with details.

Also, you can contribute and help me by donating with Paypal. Thank you for your support ! :smile_cat:

How do I get started?

Please refer to the installation page.